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bored in english 328... Dec. 4th, 2003 @ 12:45 pm
i am: waiting for english to start, tired, dreading work tonight
i think: i'm tired and not sure why
i know: that i'm loved and that i could be a better student
i have: the hottest boyfriend and the cutest horse in the universe
i hate: procrastinators
i don't: want to work tonight
i can't: wait to graduate
i can: ride my horse tomorrow
i will: be an amazing teacher and have a fun life
i won't: settle for less
i miss: brittany, my mom and grandma, my cats.
i fear: regret
i feel: tired
i also feel: bored
i hear: the computer sounds
i smell: the humid air of Pray Harrold
i crave: a killian's irish red
i wonder: what the future holds for me
i regret: not being there for my horse as often as i should be
i love: Ryan, Ellation, Lightning, my family, all my Phi Sig sisters, my jeans, jewelry
i dream: all the damn time
i long: for no more winter
i care: for my friends, family and my horses
i always: try to avoid conflict
i am not: perfect or flawless
i believe: in myself and my horse
i sing: in the car
i smile: when i remember to
i laugh: frequently, mostly at myself
i play: Playstation 2 and gameboy
i write: everything
i await:  "A FREAKING ENGAGEMENT RING!!!" <-- I agree with Ashleigh Horn!!
i cook: rarely
i trust: too quickly
i intend: to be myself no matter what
i search: FOR A FREAKING ENGAGEMENT RING! <-- for real, Ashleigh!!
i look: to the future
i whisper: at night before i fall asleep
i conquer: all my challenges
i listen: to rock-n-roll
i ignore: poor grammar, ignorant people
i live: in cold Michigan with a house full of amazingly fun people
Current Mood: thirsty
Current Music: talking to Jenn, so no music...unfortunately.

Oct. 22nd, 2003 @ 03:52 pm
Today has been eventful. Woke up at 7am with Ryan and we both went to work at 830. I fed the horses, cleaned one stall and turned the horses out into their pastures then came home. Exciting, eh? I did turn in another job app and I have an interview tomorrow at 4p; hope it goes well. I really need a job, I don't even care what it is anymore. I was thinking about applying at a bar somewhere as a waitress or a shot girl...something borderline scummy and yet not.

I bought a HOT shirt for $4 at Gadzooks today. It was originally $28, pretty sweet. It was one of those shirts that I really wanted but couldn't justify spending $28 on a sheer piece of almost nothing...$4, sure. Can't wait to wear it to Canada on Friday. Man, we haven't been to Canada in a long time - i need a drink.

Have a huge exam tomorrow in my Spec. Education class...been studying for 2 days now. Kinda burnt out but I am nowhere near prepared. *grr*

This year isn't even half way over and I'm already planning next year. So far Rachel and I are gonna get an apartment but there's been talk about getting a huge house or something insane...i dont know. I'm pumped cause I'm getting a dog. YAY! I either want a Pomeranian or a Schipperke. Ryan has a Schip, soooo cute, I love Rex. Kinda want a fluff-ball though. *shrug* Gonna be cute as hell.

Good Lord - WHY AM I ALWAYS HUNGRY?! ok, gonna go snack, nap and study more.
Current Mood: okay
Current Music: watching Sharon Osbourne's TV show

English Prompt #5 Oct. 21st, 2003 @ 11:51 am
Reading these two stylebooks, "Style: Lessons towards Clarity and Grace" by Joseph Williams and "The Elements of Style" by Strunk and White, has made me learn many things about what 'style' really is. I originally thought that everyone had their own 'style', much like fashion, but that is apparently not the case at all. Style must be clear and precise, organized and planned. My original opinion has been revised; style is one thing but it can be approached different ways.

Strunk and White's approach to style is that "style is the writer" and that style has to reflect the audience and the purpose of the piece. In the Introduction E.B. White says that, "Style rules of this sort are, of course, somewhat a matter of individual preference, and even the established rules of grammar are open to challenge." (xvii) Rules seem more like 'guidelines' to Mr. White, while Professor Strunk seems to give out sharp orders regarding grammar and usage.

This book taught me that style isn't a matter of individuality, but a matter of knowing your stuff and using it in an effective way. Content and presentation are the main objectives in the field of writing and I feel that Strunk and White made that fact extremely clear.

Williams book also focuses on clear and concise writing. Williams, in comparison to Strunk and White, seems to understand that rules are not completely essential for writing to be good but that they do help a lot. One thing I liked about Williams approach to good writing was that he gave reasons WHY, not just HOW it is accomplished. It seemed a lot less sharp and rigid and more of a how-to explanation. His examples were from Professional writing pieces which gave the book a more advanced feeling and almost made the writer seem more advanced and knowledgeable in his subject area. I particularly liked the organization of Williams book over Strunk and White's. Williams begins by talking about a history of bad writing and some causes of it, whereas Strunk and White begin right away with grammar do's and dont's. An interesting thing, too, is that Williams ends his Usage chapter with a "History of Good English". I feel that his organization made the book more effective and would help people adjust easier to his expectations.
Current Mood: annoyed

English Prompt #3 Oct. 21st, 2003 @ 11:47 am
After reading over my first prompt regarding Strunk and White I remembered why I liked their book so much. Williams book, "Style: Toward Clarity and Grace" is a style book from a whole different genre almost.

Strunk and White use clear, to the point examples that are short and easy to understand. Williams used paragraph examples that truthfully, kind of lost me because of their depth. Strunk and White is an easy reference guide while Williams is a better learning guide because it goes into more depth.

Williams advice is more useful for long term, I think. So, if you wanted to learn something and memorized his discussions and examples you would know it to a greater degree than you would if you attempted to learn the same thing from Strunk and White. Williams writes for Professionals; Strunk and White wrote for students.

Williams didn't just tell us how to write he went ahead and explained why it was better the correct way than the wrong way. Strunk and White did not do that, but I still appreciate their book and their writing advice.
Current Mood: busy

English 328 Prompt #2 Oct. 9th, 2003 @ 01:35 pm
The sentence I chose from the old Undergraduate Catalog was:

"Advantageous to all students are not only the cultural activities of the metropolitan areas, both within a 45-minute drive from the campus, but also the resources of its sister city, Ann Arbor, home of The University of Michigan."

Wow. Clarity anyone? This sentence gives me goosebumps after reading the first section of William's book. As William's states, "...we do not describe sentences on the page; we describe how we feel about them." (17) This sentence flat out confuses me. Does not seem very professional to me, especially from a University.

The first word of this sentence distracts the reader from the rest of the sentence. I would re-write this sentence as such:

A 45 minute drive from campus offers cultural activities in the metropolitan areas and in Ann Arbor, the sister city and the home of the University of Michigan.

Ahh, much clearer.
Current Mood: okay
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so, i'm watching mtv and the diary of avril lavinge comes on...so i'm watching it instead of doing the other 1000 things i should be doing and it made me want to strangle her. she's trying to rebel against everything that makes a true rock star, such as make-up artists, stylists who shop for you, catering, fancy hotels. C'MON PEOPLE! if I was a rock star i'd let people spoil me rotten, hell - i'd expect it because they're getting paid to do it. *grr* she just makes me sick in a weird way. And now she just said that she wrote "Skater Boy"...didnt her producer right it or something? *shrug* whatever, dude.
» First Prompt for English 328
For this assignment our class was required to read a style book written by Strunk and White, called “The Elements of Style”. Despite the complaining, I think this was a smart assignment to begin the evaluation of our personal writing styles. The point of reading style books is to make you think about our own writing. I proved my argument two sentences ago when I removed extra words and changed words around to add more clarity. Writing has many categorized rules and it has standards that are expected to be followed. When writing follows the rules it is easier to understand and easier to enjoy. Sadly, if the rules were always followed our language would be extremely formal and there would be no casual “conversation”, only strict formality and standardization across the population.

Strunk and White’s style book will be useful to me as a student, a writer, and a future English teacher. Before this assignment I trusted my “Hodge’s Harbrace Handbook” with for my writing success, thanks to my wonderful 121 Composition Professor I had Freshman year. Now, it will taking the back burner to Strunk and White. “The Elements of Style” is much more organized because it is divided into broad categories that make the researching much more convenient and easier. I enjoyed the bold text to represent the “lessons” because it makes them eye-catching and almost seem more interesting.

I have a tendency to write very casually and to use more words than necessary. Strunk and White say to omit needless words because, “Vigorous writing is concise. A sentence should contain no unnecessary words…for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts.” (23) The examples for this mini-lesson are very clear and are prime examples of why it is not recommended.

One of the questions we addressed in our discussion groups in class was about the book being dated culturally and historically. I found that the use of the word bed-chamber in the hyphenating examples dated the book simply because that word is rarely used in current times. The other interesting “element” that dates the book is the lesson about using they, he or she. Strunk and White suggest to use “he” by default. “The use of he as a pronoun for nouns embracing both genders is a simple, practical convention rooted in the beginnings of the English language.” (60) Modern writers may find that to be limiting or offensive to the females of the world. To me, it seems old-fashioned and generic.
» Broke as a Joke!
It's official...I am a poor college student. Seems like I owe money EVERYWHERE but my bank account and it's getting super annoying. I need an extra 2 day/week job but that is impossible to find because everyone wants people to work like 4 or 5. Might go to Home Depot this week and apply. They pay well. I can handle the cash register.

My horse costs me WAY too much money, too, but I love him and cant be without him. I've taught 4 lessons in the last week and I have a private lesson on Friday with a pretty good adult rider - $25/hour for meeee! woop woop! Just need MORE private lessons. I might even have her ride Eli Friday so I make a little bit more money outta the deal...so sad. I'll need to ride Eli at least twice before she does though. He's been a little fuck lately. Kicking his stall and stupid shit - grr.

Is it bad that I'm already making my Christmas list?? *sigh* Alright, gotta go work on some English stuff and try to schedule a Group Advising Session. *yawn*
» she said life's a lot to think about sometimes...
wow, huge time gap in updates. bite me, i've been super busy.

finally have my horse back at home where he belongs. he's happy and fat from camp still. he's also forgotten most of the manners he learned from me last year so we have to have "remembering sessions" at least once a week. fun times. On top of having Ellation to mess with I have founded a horse training business, Brand New Day Training, with my friend from camp Rachel. Rachel has two horses from camp at CDC as well and together we have 3 other school horses to maintain. AND two of our friends from camp have their horses at our barn too...it's a Black River take over, and it rules. The barn has been my happy place lately. Just makes me feel successful and that I have a purpose in life still.

School is the normal school that it always has been. I already feel like a huge slacker so I gotta kick it up a notch. Speaking of school, I plan to use this journal for some of my assignments for English 328, so if it says anything about Eng328 don't be scared. Just ignore it. :) Oops, gotta add some links to my site to get it up to Eng328 "par"...hmm...too lazy right now.

Ryan and I are doing ok. We faught more than usual two weeks ago which was an emotional roller coaster from hell for me. I can't live without him. He's a significant part of my life, almost like oxygen. Sad/scary, eh? *shrug* I just love him far too much for anything stupid to rumble what we have created together over the past year and a half. Just not worth it, ya know? We're doing much better now, thank god. I have to be more aware of myself and remember that I have things to alter and it's not just him being a "stupid boy". Not always easy for me, lil Miss Leo. But I'm trying my best.

I worked this morning and still am real tired from having to be at the barn at 7am to feed the horses. I just didnt feel like going back to sleep when I got home. Too much to do. I slept like shit last night too. Had a few bad/freaky dreams that kept waking me up with tears. I hate those nights.

Hope everyone likes the new fake layout for my journal/website. hehe. It was quick and it's easy to maintain, so bite me. :)
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soooooo yea - havent updated in almost forever. Wow. I finally got a sweet layout for my LJ so now there will be MAJOR updates...just cause it looks sooo much cooler. I'll write more later on.
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