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she said life's a lot to think about sometimes... - ash

About she said life's a lot to think about sometimes...

Previous Entry she said life's a lot to think about sometimes... Oct. 1st, 2003 @ 01:42 pm Next Entry
wow, huge time gap in updates. bite me, i've been super busy.

finally have my horse back at home where he belongs. he's happy and fat from camp still. he's also forgotten most of the manners he learned from me last year so we have to have "remembering sessions" at least once a week. fun times. On top of having Ellation to mess with I have founded a horse training business, Brand New Day Training, with my friend from camp Rachel. Rachel has two horses from camp at CDC as well and together we have 3 other school horses to maintain. AND two of our friends from camp have their horses at our barn too...it's a Black River take over, and it rules. The barn has been my happy place lately. Just makes me feel successful and that I have a purpose in life still.

School is the normal school that it always has been. I already feel like a huge slacker so I gotta kick it up a notch. Speaking of school, I plan to use this journal for some of my assignments for English 328, so if it says anything about Eng328 don't be scared. Just ignore it. :) Oops, gotta add some links to my site to get it up to Eng328 "par"...hmm...too lazy right now.

Ryan and I are doing ok. We faught more than usual two weeks ago which was an emotional roller coaster from hell for me. I can't live without him. He's a significant part of my life, almost like oxygen. Sad/scary, eh? *shrug* I just love him far too much for anything stupid to rumble what we have created together over the past year and a half. Just not worth it, ya know? We're doing much better now, thank god. I have to be more aware of myself and remember that I have things to alter and it's not just him being a "stupid boy". Not always easy for me, lil Miss Leo. But I'm trying my best.

I worked this morning and still am real tired from having to be at the barn at 7am to feed the horses. I just didnt feel like going back to sleep when I got home. Too much to do. I slept like shit last night too. Had a few bad/freaky dreams that kept waking me up with tears. I hate those nights.

Hope everyone likes the new fake layout for my journal/website. hehe. It was quick and it's easy to maintain, so bite me. :)
Current Mood: melancholy
Current Music: "Road I'm On", 3 Doors Down
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Date:October 3rd, 2003 09:08 am (UTC)
whats up, you're added again :) i disadded you b/c you never updated :) anyways you can add me again too....wheeeeeeeeeeeeee
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