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Broke as a Joke! - ash

About Broke as a Joke!

Previous Entry Broke as a Joke! Oct. 6th, 2003 @ 11:47 am Next Entry
It's official...I am a poor college student. Seems like I owe money EVERYWHERE but my bank account and it's getting super annoying. I need an extra 2 day/week job but that is impossible to find because everyone wants people to work like 4 or 5. Might go to Home Depot this week and apply. They pay well. I can handle the cash register.

My horse costs me WAY too much money, too, but I love him and cant be without him. I've taught 4 lessons in the last week and I have a private lesson on Friday with a pretty good adult rider - $25/hour for meeee! woop woop! Just need MORE private lessons. I might even have her ride Eli Friday so I make a little bit more money outta the deal...so sad. I'll need to ride Eli at least twice before she does though. He's been a little fuck lately. Kicking his stall and stupid shit - grr.

Is it bad that I'm already making my Christmas list?? *sigh* Alright, gotta go work on some English stuff and try to schedule a Group Advising Session. *yawn*
Current Mood: busy
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